Security & Surveillance

1.Protecting your personal Information:

data is essential given the rising dangers of cyberthreats. To prevent not wanted access to your important data, Sam Online provides strong security measures. Your data is protected from prying eyes and kept confidential thanks to our advanced encryption.

2.Firewall Protection:

Your devices and network are protected from external threats with our modern firewall. It serves as a protective barrier between your local network and the global internet, preventing potentially dangerous uses and hackers from accessing your devices.

3.Antivirus and Malware Protection:

Concerned about malware or viruses might harm your devices? Be at ease! All of our customers at Sam Online receive free antivirus and malware protection. Your devices’ perfect performance is maintained with our cutting-edge security software, which continually looks for and removes any harmful threats.

4.Parental Controls:

As parents, we understand the importance of giving your kids a secure online environment. You can set up restrictions and filters to control your child’s internet access with Sam Online’s parental control features. You can relax knowing that your children are using the internet safely and responsibly

5.Secure Cloud Backup:

It can be terrible to lose precious material, but with Sam Online’s secure cloud backup, you can save your most valuable files and memories. Your data stays safe from hardware errors and accidents with the help of our encrypted cloud storage.

6.Network Monitoring:

Our team keeps a close eye on the network for any shady activity or potential breaches of security. By keeping proactive, we can quickly address any issues and ensure that all of our users have a secure online experience.

7.Smart Home Security Integration:

We provide seamless integration of our best internet services into multiple smart security solutions to clients who have smart appliances at home. With our secure internet connection, you may remotely monitor your house, get alerts, and enhance the security of your property.

8.24/7 Customer Support:

We at Sam Online are available to you at all times. Our friendly and qualified customer support team is prepared at all times to help you if you ever have any queries about security or our surveillance features.You are able to enjoy your online experience without worrying about challenges thanks to Sam Online’s “Security & Surveillance” features. We are a dedicated internet service to provide you and your family a secure online environment. Sam Online lets you experience the power of secure best broadband internet!