Refund Policy

We at Sam Online are dedicated to providing our valued customers with dependable and outstanding internet services. We developed our refund policy so that you are informed of how refunds are handled in a variety of situations since we recognize that occasionally situations may arise that may require changes to your service.

1. Billing Errors:

Sam Online is committed to resolving all billing errors, such as overcharging or incorrect charges, as soon when they occur. Upon verification of the errors, we will immediately refund the overcharged amount or make appropriate adjustments to your future invoices.

2. Early Termination:

Any remaining prepaid costs may be eligible for a prorated refund if you decide to end your connection with Sam Online before the specified duration has passed, according to the restrictions stated in your service agreement.

3. Service Performance:

We at Sam Online are working hard to provide reliable and consistent internet services. We will work with you to address your concerns if you experience persistent verified performance issues which materially impair your ability to use the service as intended. Depending on the importance of the situation, we may provide compensation or bill adjustments.

Submitting a Refund Request:

Please make use of the available methods to get in touch with our customer service team to initiate a refund request. Make sure you have every relevant detail, including your account information, an explanation of the issue in question, and any supporting documents.

Important Notes:

The same payment method used for the initial purchase will be used to process refunds.Refund processing periods can change based on the specific type of request and the chosen payment method.Any modifications to the return policy will be announced through our approved channels of communication.For a seamless and positive experience with Sam Online, it’s important that you are familiar with our refund

Payment Method :- Refund Option:- Refund Time:-


Mobile Wallet Reversal / Bkash
15 Working days
Mobile Wallet Reversal / Nagad
15 Working days
Mobile Wallet Reversal / Rocket
15 Working days
Mobile Wallet Reversal / EBL
15 Working days