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Data Connectivity:

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What Is Data?
Explore Your Life Best Internet Service Provider In Dhaka. Data means information stored in the form of symbols – 1s and 0s, other digits, letters, special characters, etc. Thus, we can collect, measure, analyses, and process it further.

Where can you find data?
Well, we are not talking about physical books with thousands of written pages or the enormous accounting ledgers from the 60s. Today, we practically store data in databases.

What Are Databases?
Databases represent an electronic collection of data, Explore Your Life filled with information if you prefer, organized in a way that makes it easy to access, manage, and update.
In database servers.

As a matter of fact, ‘server’ may be a misleading term for a its definition can have multiple meanings depending on the scenario. So,

What Is a Server?
Explore Your Life Theoretically speaking, a server is a combination of hardware and software responsible for storing, processing large amounts of data. The most common types are the web servers, database servers, and FTP servers (Free Transfer Protocol). the transfer of web pages, database queries, and files, respectively. All are different servers.

For example, in the client-server model, servers exist to respond to the requests made by a client. This model works in the following way: a client requests a service from a server to have access to some data, for instance. Here, the server is a piece of software that will provide this service, or this specific amount of data, to the client.

Say you are about to request, or pull, information from a web server through a browser, the latter being the client in this example. You can transmit your request to the server and, in return. Moreover, when we are talking about web servers and browsers, you will obviously need an internet connection.

Alternatively, local servers exist as well.
Imagine the headquarters of a large company, employing thousands of people. Of course, a lot of information is stored on its servers. And to access the information you need, you would have to use a cabled connection.

However, the data won’t be stored on an average desktop computer, as its capacity won’t be sufficient to handle the. That’s why specialized big machines, that have much more powerful hardware designed for storing huge amounts of data, are being called servers, too.

I know it’s a lot to take in, but don’t let the many definitions of the word “server” confuse you. In a way, a server is always a combination of hardware and software, and it is related to storing, managing, and processing data.

So, now that you know what data, servers, clients, requests, and responses mean, Explore Your Life we can finally move on to exploring data connectivity.

What Is Data Connectivity?
Explore Your Life Data connectivity regards the ability to connect clients and servers, securing the swift and voluminous transfer of information between them.

Actually, developing and maintaining data connectivity is one of the most important things of all and it is not a new subject. And if it wasn’t for data connectivity, this wouldn’t have been possible.

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