ISP BILLING MANAGEMENT SERVICE:~ best internet service provider in dhaka

best internet service Is the group of processes of communications service providers that are responsible to collect consumption data, calculate charging and billing information Explore Your Life best internet service provider in Dhaka , produce bills to customers, process their payments and manage debt collection for ISP.

best internet service provider in dhaka


A Internet Provider Billing System is an enterprise application software designed to support the ISP billing processes Explore Your Life.

ISP billing is a significant component of any commercial communications service provider regardless specialization: telephone, mobile wireless communication, Mobile virtual network operators, internet service providers, transit traffic companies, because it creates an economic value of their business.

Internet Service Provider Billing Functions:

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Billing functions can be grouped to three areas: operations, information management, financial management. In the broad sense, when billing and revenue management (BRM) is considered as a single process bundle, as special functional areas could be picked out.
Information Management System:

Information management area unites functions that responsible to support customer information, product and service data, pricing models, including their possible combinations, as well as billing configuration data, such as billing cycles schedules, collaboration with customer can be a function of information management area of billing system or can be completely allocated in CRM.

Financial Management:
Explore Your Life Financial management area covers functions of payment tracking and processing, mapping correspondence between payments and consumed services, managing credits and debt collections, calculating company


best internet service provider in dhaka

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